Why not pop in to a Postie Pop-Up Boutique!

Hi everyone.

I’m positively delighted to announce the launch of the evolution of Postie –  the Pop-Up Boutique.

I‘m sure that for all women, including our existing team, who want a revitalised career path, this will be the magic you’ve been looking for.

Your passport to a prosperous profession in Social Selling and Shopping.

As long as women love to shop, socialise and shape their own future and profession, there’s a place for a Postie Pop-Up Boutique.

We believe today’s smart Postie customers want a quick, friendly place to shop where there’s useful advice and insightful recommendations from professional Stylists. We want the world to know that every guest at a Pop-Up Boutique will find not only high quality garments but also something exceptional to love.  It’s not just a shop, it’s a Boutique where a unique range of sizes, styles and stunning fabrics arrive every season.  Besides the fashion, it’s more fun to shop with friends and you have to be in the know to be invited!

Be a Social Seller… (a Pop-Up Boutique Stylist).

A sociable nature and a flair for fashion are job descriptions we can all relate to. Our most successful Stylists have an ability to form lasting ties with their Hosts, team members and customers. These business partnerships are pivotal to fulfilling dreams of financial independence.  A life in the fashion fast-lane, true friendships and freedom to work your own hours are other pure positives of life as a Postie Stylist.

The perks of running a Pop-Up.

Our Stylists are guided by their Managers and support networks. We offer solid training plus printed and online marketing tools that keep everyone connected, well informed and supported.

Get started with Styling for only $399.

Stylists show garments from the latest season’s collection and can purchase a sample range worth $2400 for only $399.

The range is ever-evolving with gorgeous collections added throughout the year, ensuring every Pop-Up Boutique is fresh and exciting.

The Postie Pop-Up Boutique Host.

As the Host of a Pop-Up Boutique, you provide your lounge or family room as a space where your Stylist will simply pop in and pop up her ‘Boutique’. Your guests can be anyone in your social circle who you believe would love to pop in and peruse a beautiful, seasonal collection of ready-to-wear fashion.  Trying on garments, selecting from the catalogue and ordering whatever you like comes with a fun, social fashion show and your own personal Postie stylist.

The Host with the most. 

When you host a Pop-Up Boutique you’ll receive an exciting gift of free garments and, depending on your Pop-Up Boutique sales, even more generous rewards will come your way.

If you think Postie sounds like your kind of happy place, call us on, (03) 9457 4577 or www.postie.com.au to find out more about the Postie Pop-Up Boutique experience. We’d love to hear from you. 

A final word from Kristina.

I love the fact that Postie has been empowering women to follow their dreams for nearly 30 years! Its truly unbelievable how many lives we’ve touched in such a positive way.  I’m really excited about the future of our Pop-Up Boutiques and I know the changes we’re making now will entice a wave of fresh faces and new energy. Our network is growing every day and our database is full of expectant and energetic women who really want to give Postie a go!  I say come in and we’ll welcome you with open arms!

Go girls, love Kristina x

Kristina Wilson-McGregor