Postie is a fashion driven, family business which began selling stunning, ready to wear garments in homes across Australia 30 years ago. So called “Postie” because purchases would be delivered to the post office..who would have known way back then that the delivery of fashion to the door would take off like it has today!

Postie Pop-Up Boutiques are still popping up all over Australia, bringing fashion and career opportunities to the door.

Postie has engaged thousands of amazing women over the years and contributed to the fulfillment of their fashion dreams, lifestyles and travels. From Host to Stylist to customer, the experience of being a part of the Postie Pop-Up Boutique network has without doubt, enhanced many lives.

We’ll never forget our mission, which is to empower women to release their inner businesswomen to gain financial freedom, grow friendships and live a life that’s fulfilling, family friendly, fashionable and flexible. Our foundations of integrity and strong family values remain as we celebrate 2017, our 30th Anniversary year, the year of the pearl.