Host a Pop-Up and your rewards will exceed expectations. True.
Host a Pop-Up and your rewards will exceed expectations. True.

Host a Pop-Up and your rewards will exceed expectations. True.


Hi everyone,

I thought I’d share with you the lovely feedback from Kate about her hosting a Pop-Up Boutique. And there’s never been a better time to get together, with Christmas around the corner.

I hope you enjoy your experience as much as Kate did.

Kristina xxx

The morning of hosting my first Postie Pop-Up began like any other…

“What have I done?! I’ll be the centre of attention! I’m too shy!”

My jitters were irrational as all I’d done was invite a few girlfriends and friends of friends (some who I hadn’t met yet) to come to my house for a Postie Pop-Up.

I was a little nervous.

But how wrong I was because at the end of the day I had a generous Postie gift voucher, a choice of ½ priced garments, a couple of new friends and a most importantly, a confident glow.

I have been to at least five Postie Pop-Ups and thoroughly enjoyed myself, had a laugh, met new people and purchased some great pieces that I love wearing.

But the thought of being the Host at my house had never appealed to me.  (See the list above for reasons). In hindsight, I have to ask why I waited so long.

As they always do, my Stylist immediately put me at ease, “Oh what a lovely sunny space, I will set up some clothes racks over there.”

You see, all I really had to do on the day was meet, greet and introduce, which was fun from the start.  My wonderful Stylist, took all the attention and focussed, not on me or my house, but on all the women in the room and the exciting new collections from both Postie and by WILLA, she was so keen to show. We were treated to both a great selection of fashion and an eye-opening lesson in the art of dressing, styling and accessorising consciously.  Meaning, not in a hurry, not on the run but planning a wardrobe and addressing what we actually need to feel our absolute best for all occasions. My stylist skilfully pops items together, flashing them over one another… “You can wear it like this, or this or this.” Something we’ve all taken for granted since about age 5, dressing, is actually a science.  I have always looked at garments singularly, for instance, I love that knit, I love those pants etc and I tend to purchase randomly.

Partie42 (1)

My stylist perfectly and simply showed us how to purchase with a view to combining pieces to suit and flatter individual figures, lifestyles and personal style.

How to make 4 garments look totally different depending on how you put it together.  There was no ‘hard sell’, it was the opposite in fact. More than once she advised someone to take off that garment and try this one on! She had already sized us up (in a professional and beautiful way) when we entered the room and years of experience has given her the ability to assess individual styles and shapes at a glance. She encouraged us to consider looks we may not otherwise have given a thought to, often with really spectacular results.  Meanwhile, I received a lot of kudos for facilitating this fun, eye-opening show.

A great Stylist leads her customers into expanding their horizons and a great Host provides the venue, a mirror and a welcoming attitude! Not hard at all.

I found how economically beneficial it is to learn about the art of putting looks together.  There’s no waste. And here’s the biggest surprise. Besides the free gifts I earned, everyone had such a great time and made me feel very special. 

So, the moral of my story is, consider becoming a Host.  It’s a stress-free time and very rewarding.  Now is such a great excuse to get a whole lot of old and new girlfriends together with a view to share a drink for Christmas and perhaps find something lovely to wear for the fun season.

By the way, I served cups of tea and just some cheese and biscuits too, so easy. Did I tell you one of my guests even brought me flowers!  I will definitely host again.

Kate of Templestowe, Vic