Looking for the next fashion inspiration!

Looking for the next fashion inspiration!

As I set out into the world on my latest research trip, my gold detector was set on seeking out those subtle nuances in style and looks that seem to creep through from the street to the catwalk and out into the general public.  These are trends that our customers can’t resist and we need to deliver them in enticing and appropriate garments.

Right now, my fashion curiosity is turned up to 11!

So, I spent a lot of time pounding the lively streets of Paris and London and the ever-exciting pavements of LA and New York. IMG_9459

 Every few feet on Oxford St, Melrose Ave and entire suburbs of New York, I dived into both tiny independent boutiques and massive department stores and was constantly blown away by innovation and inspiration. 


The creativity never ceases to amaze me.

I had to keep my energy up!

In the colder cities (London, Paris, NY), I saw that exaggerated coats both cropped, bomber and ankle length were everywhere. (Plenty of room under for layering) Still hot are wildly mismatched scarves in all kinds of textures and colours.

copy 14
Finding inspiration (and resting) in the change room in Harrods.  (That’s champagne in a can in my hand –  offered to all customers!)

Chunky knits with fabulous blouson sleeves are keeping fashionistas warm everywhere! The street look is more tailored in Paris but still with a distinctive quirky edge. Galeries Lafayette is a spectacular destination and always offers up much fashion food for thought plus total WOW factor at the beauty of the building.

copy 9
I spent a lot of time people watching in this spectacular place.

So, I’ve come home with exciting ideas and I’m looking forward to sharing some pretty cool pieces with you soon.

Kristina x

PS: I felt brilliant in my by WILLA Ren Cargos teamed with the lilac Sweet Talk Knit.

copy 5