Shaping up for Spring

Hi everyone, Kristina here, freshly returned from a truly enjoyable gathering of fashionista sistas!

Spring is in the air, there’s no denying! Blossoming trees, warm breezes and a whole lot of fashion fever at our wonderful, annual conference at The Langham in Melbourne last week.

Release the looks!

The Bellissima Dress


As we ease into Spring, we notice the brilliance of nature, the colours, pallates, fluidity of form and florals. You’ll find it all in Postie’s latest, inspirational collection of gorgeous dresses, skirts, tunics, tops, jackets and culottes. I was thrilled to walk our wonderful Managers and Stylists through each and every piece, describing fabrics, cuts and the endless styling possibilities! BUT(!!) it took the amazing Carole Falcone and Julie Filer to take it to the next level with their personal interpretations and outfit combinations using scarves, jackets and the kind of expert layering techniques that only years of professional styling can bring! So inspirational and so many ideas that even I hadn’t thought of, so thank you ladies as always : ) and of course, love and thank you to all conference attendees.

Enjoy and wear your style with confidence!



Be yourself, know your body and show it in its very best light. This collection has you covered! No matter what you want to show off, disguise or enhance, there are tones, patterns and prints that will flatter your colouring and shapes with structured or fluid form that will create silhouettes that you’ll feel brilliant wearing! We’ve designed a collection for Spring that will be absolutely appropriate (and amazing) for work, weddings, weekends and wherever…

Seasonal tips…  

At our fashion parade, I took some tips from our ever-groomed, glam but totally down-to-earth models. It seems obvious to say but their nail polish was perfect with colours such as hot magenta, lilac, reds and pinks that looked sensational against the garments they wore. For those who do it, in garments that are leg or arm baring (even if its just a flash) a little bit of an exfoliation and a touch of fake tan makes for a great finish! Their hair was very much in keeping with the fresh, natural garments they were modeling. Flowing, shiny and natural is a very fitting look for the season of ‘rebirth’.


Spring! Let’s swing into it! Enjoy. Kristina xx

PS You can now purchase our exclusive Spring collection via your Stylist online…

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