Wear with style at the weekend…

Wear with style at the weekend…

We’ve worked out your Winter weekend wardrobe and it looks effortless, tasteful and pulled together. Dressed up or down there’s plenty of options for inside, outside, changes in plans and temperature too.

Key pieces such as our stunning and neutral-toned Juna Wrap will carry you through the day as it literally goes and flows over everything.

Juna Wrap

Need extra warmth? Add glamour, excitement and cosiness in the cutest little faux fur Hepburn Scarves in black or silver.

Hepburn Scarves

Update your faux leather jacket collection with the Memphis Biker in classic navy, so soft, comfortable and incredibly stylish.

Memphis Biker

Great dressed up or down… Another key piece. the long, silver Calgary Puffa walks through the weekend in absolute warmth with room for neutral layering tops such as the Anise, Kassidy or a darker shade in the cosy Shelby Top.


Untitled design (26)
The Calgary Puffa Jacket (left), with the Anise Jumper (middle) & the Shelby top (right).


Walks on the weekend are made easier with the lightweight but warm Hadley Parka.  In a stylish shade of navy that works with denim or a pop of colour, this Parka makes weathering Winter a breeze.

Hadley Parka

So mix’n’match as you go and don’t forget to pick tonal layering pieces every weekend & you’ll always look smart and feel confident.

Kristina xx