Oh, what to wear on Christmas Day?

Oh, what to wear on Christmas Day?

The weather might be hot or it could be cold but most of us start out at around 6am Christmas morning in our, sometimes unfashionable, PJ’s! As I pop the turkey into the oven at around 11.30, its time to think about fashion…what to wear for lunch? A flat shoe, a wedge or a thong?? It’s a long day on your feet. A dress, skirt or shorts? So many options.

It’s time for Postie pieces to shine!

Have your choices prepped the night before, remembering that the weather could go either way. I’ll change my PJ’s for the cute and fresh Zola Playsuit first thing Christmas morning. The versatile Zola is a very easy wear combo creating a relaxed feel when you’re down on the floor surrounded by kids, presents and reams of gift wrapping!

When lunchtime comes around, how about taking it up a notch in the crisp cotton Bahamas Kaftan which is lovely and loose but still very chic over the linen Bradie Shorts? This cool and sophisticated look will take you from a casual poolside Christmas buffet to a more formal lunch around a table. (Did I mention the fabulous and vital elasticised waistband on the Bradie Shorts?) Eat up ladies… You can dress up this simple, neutral toned outfit with colourful statement earrings or a necklace and some fabulous wedges for a little height. Some dresses don’t need dressing up and if you like to keep it simple, the multi-coloured Tivoli Dress and the stunning Peasant Girl Wrap Dress make statements on their own. For all the warm days of Summer, BBQ’s, beach walks and of course, Christmas Day, a few Postie dresses are all you need.

If you can go the distance (many of us have to travel to evening gatherings) its time to add some sparkle!!

The night time showstopper is our stunning Stardust Top. It’s been an incredibly popular piece and a wonderful wardrobe addition for all occasions during the festive season. Teamed with the white and deliciously stretchy Henna Slim Fit Pants and a heeled shoe, it’s a gorgeous look to complete the day.

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Stardust Top with Henna Pants

I wish you a wonderful Christmas and hope you enjoy every day of your well-earned holidays. Wherever you go, we also hope your Postie outfits serve you well and that you mix ‘n’ match and accessorise with confidence!

Kristina x