Designing for Postie Pop-Up Boutiques…

Designing for Postie Pop-Up Boutiques…

A few times a year, I go overseas fashion hunting. And when I’m ‘hunting’ I’m viewing everything through the eyes of our Postie Stylists and their customers’ fashion desires.

Fabrics, artworks, patterns, styles, street looks and the very latest in retail fashion (especially the shop windows) are all in my sights and I go to the stylish hotspots of the world doing it. New York, London Paris…YES!! (Such fun, I know I’m very lucky!) I especially love looking at art galleries and observing street trends. People watching is always an accurate indicator of what’s hot right now especially in Europe and the USA as they are one year ahead of Australia.


For instance, I spotted cold shoulders, embroidery, digital prints and very cute detailing everywhere on my last trip and they feature strongly in our latest, mid-Summer collection.
We hear feedback that good quality and lasting styles are why a lot of our customers love Postie garments. That’s why we can’t be labelled as ‘high’ fashion (it’s often disposable), rather we are just a little pulled back so that customers can rely on the durability of a classic piece and wear it next year and the next, mix’n’matching as they go with new top-ups and layering pieces.

The streets of Paris


On my travels, I also source unique and versatile fabrics and I keep in mind suitability and ease of laundering. Our garments have to bounce back and be true to size after washing or dry cleaning especially as we cater for such a wide size range. Asia is my favourite place for fabrics although of late, I have found Turkey and the Middle East have amazing designs and skilled fabric technicians who export to Australia for us.

I’m working on Winter 2018 right now and I’m also looking forward to more travels to hotspots, people watching and secret suppliers!

Kristina in Paris…