Transeasonal ’tis the season

At Postie, we are constantly showing layering and mix’n’matching throughout the seasons. And as we head into Summer, you may be, (I know I am), getting tough with my Winter items by packing them away.

Hold it right there for a second! Let’s take a look at our current collection where warmer pieces such as the Gianna Coat, Marnie Jumper, and Eva Jacket are featured. Don’t put them away! Instead, remember that Postie garments are made to ‘click’ for a total look.

Some women have a knack of putting things together whatever the season (think of our top Stylists!) and it can often look like magic…but I think making it look like magic is the trick!

Gianna Coat, Santina Top, Girlfriend Jeans. Accessories by Essential Additions





Most Postie jumpers are cotton or have a cotton blend, so while they are warm, they don’t deserve to be shelved for Summer. Trans-seasonal garments help you transcend the problem of overly cool air conditioning at work when it’s hot outside and even super-warm heating in restaurants, theatres, and offices during Winter.

Crysta Jacket, Vanilla Tank, Girlfriend Jeans & Wildside scarf. Accessories from Essential Additions.

Our gorgeous array of wraps and scarves can become knotted skirts or sarongs in Summer, adding magic to your beach or poolside look! As the workforce becomes more fluid so does the concept of ‘dress-code’ in many workplaces. There are racks of Postie dresses that can be worn ‘work smart’ with a tailored jacket or structured cardigan or equally well at a cricket match with a straw hat and thongs!



So feel free to put your own trans-seasonal spin on things and enjoy how well Postie flows together and how ‘together’ you feel at every occasion!