Layering is fun and interesting…

Layering is fun and interesting…

There’s an old fashion adage, always take one item off before you walk out the door. This rule can only be followed safely if you’ve been practicing the art of layering and even then I tend to disagree with it. Layering is fun, practical and very in! Postie garments love to spend time with each other. They feel like they belong together and you can successfully pop them over each other when you least expect it!


All the different places you go in one day with differing microclimates, too hot heating, too cool air-conditioning, sudden weather changes, all lend themselves to fuelling the love of layering for fashion. Leaving for work on a Summer morning can call for a light scarf over a fine jacket over a cotton dress and you can peel off as it gets hotter, layering up again for the sundown commute or events. Winter layering is beyond exciting firstly because there are simply so many items that go so interestingly together and second because you don’t need excuses to wear a few more items to keep warm.

Print on Print is an interesting worldwide trend too. A striped cardigan with a floral dress used to be a fashion taboo but these days you can throw a throw over too and yes, admirers will look twice! It’s about expressing your individuality and feeling confident that your Postie outfit is perfectly in tune with you. So layer up girls and if there is a shred of doubt, ask your Pop-Up Stylist what she would do to take a simple outfit up a notch on the fashion scale!


Til next time,


Kristina xx


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