Find your own Style…

When it comes to adorning your body, there is so much to choose from and so many personal variables! While we all wander around in the wilderness wondering what to wear, there is some solace in guidelines and facts.

Let’s start with facts. You are a teacher/nurse/waitress/doctor/receptionist/beautician etc etc. For basic items, let your profession be your guide. Postie have comfortable, tailored pants and simple, stylish tops for most jobs that require a smart understated look.

Some switched on customers have purchased 5 of the same item in various colours or different styles that suit the job requirements simply because the Postie fit is so reliable and always well made. Finding your own style begins with an assessment of your inner self and obviously, your body type. Do bright clothes or prints make you feel bold and beautiful or loud and show-offy? Do you want to accentuate your curves or disguise them? Fitted and foxy or loose and mysterious? Do you trust your own judgement? Consider asking your closest friend before you buy. She will be honest and she knows the inner you.

At a recent Postie party I sat next to a woman who was a tall size 16 with long brunette hair. She had convinced herself that black was her colour. Funny when she put on a red tunic, she looked absolutely stunning but ordered it in black only. I give her credit for knowing her own style but honestly, that red on her was wow!

Certain celebrities have their own strong style (they also have their own stylists) so don’t feel too alone! Find someone whose ‘look’ you are constantly drawn to and work towards it. Hunt for pieces that reflect your personality, lifestyle and most importantly, make you feel authentic.

Our wonderful Postie Stylists have a knack for knowing their customer’s wish lists. It’s a free service for anyone at a Postie Pop-Up and using Stylists as sounding boards has turned lives around. Its all about confidence and anyone who has nailed an outfit will know that to have the right top with the right shoe with the right jacket with the right pant on a great night will know they have found their own style!

Happy Styling girls,

Kristina xx

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