How to love yourself in Pants and Jeans..

THIRTY years of success and customer feedback has given Postie wise insights into the female mind.

How to confidently wear pants and jeans is driven by considering up to 7(!) areas of the body. In order to feel and look our best, we choose to disguise or emphasise the following: the waist, hips, tummy, bottom, thighs, calves and even the ankle!

Thanks to a certain Ms Kardashian, bigger bottoms are now celebrated, yay! Thighs are fashionably wider too. But then, a skinny leg jean can flatter a thinner leg and give shapely form to larger legs too.

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The point is, individuality is the only rule and Postie have 18 (wondering if we should just say many) pairs of pants and jeans available at any one time to suit wildly varying individuality! You’ll find built in features in all our styles that will minimise or highlight, depending on mood, occasion or profession. Every pant and jean in our collection has a stretch component which can range from 20 to 80% elastane (more like 2-8% maybe a say something like a great stretch component) content offering extreme comfort and give while looking like an exceptionally well tailored garment that fits like a glove. At the waist, built in elasticity is a given and a joy.

Postie have many tricks, all loved and all ready to take out to dinner! A half elastic, gathered at the back with flat front style is a crowd pleaser and an easy-wear option. Another is a wide band all the way around the body lending a magic affect of minimising those lovely lady lumps and flattening the tummy too. Side or front zips either faux or real make room for real-life situations!

A wider leg pant  such as the Fowler pant gently skims down from the middle of the bottom to accommodate more generous thighs and calves.

When teamed with the right footwear, a Postie Skinny leg will glide you to work and out to play especially in the range of patterns and colours available.

The bottom line is, Postie have a pant or jean to suit you. Have a browse through our latest brochure, online collection or CLEARANCE and you’ll find a pant to make you pant!

These ponte racer leggings are warm, firm on the body with a beautifully comfortable elasticised waist and sweet faux zips for added interest. The most reliable ‘must-have’, black leggings that wear well with any top and are a perfect investment piece. Worn here with the Calie Tunic
Blondie Ankle Jean In the fray – For an instant style fix, meet our Blondie Ankle Jeans with an artfully frayed hem.
Comfort and style combine in these luxurious and versatile Lounge Pants, designed to keep you cosy and warm, they feature elasticised waist and gently tapering leg line to the ankle.
The Sandstone Skinny Pants We have taken our favourite polyester/rayon/elastane stretch bengaline and coated it with a special, light leather-look coating and styled into a fabulous skinny leg pant.


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